Thursday 4 March 2021

Vortex mods are now uploaded

I've uploaded the vortex mods and the hook, as it's an exe, has now been approved as safe.

You need the Vortex game support mod first

And then the DCoTEHook mod

So far this is only working with Retail and GOG versions, but seeing as we are now hooking into the exe it may be possible to get the Steam version working.

Next up is adding in a mod that will patch the exe to sort the bugs. So that's the 60fps lock and shader fixes that are in the GOG version.

To patch the main exe I'll likely use a DCoTEHook0.patch file in the mod that the Hook will look for to determine which bytes to patch in the exe so that I don't need to publish the exe or copy it into the mods directory.

I also don't know if I can publish the fixed shaders in a vortex mod, although they are transformed, as they aren't really my work. So I may have to take a similar approach of copy from base and patch.

(I've allowed donations on the mods pages so that if anyone wants to donate they can. All donations will be sent on to Kings Heath Cat Club Rescue [] where I adopted my awesome Cuculla from <3)

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