(tools are being rewritten so this is now out of date)
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This is used to batch the individual .bin compiled script files into the C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Call Of Cthulhu DCoTE\Scripts\*.bat files.
You will need to do this to so you can rebuild the .bat files with any scripts that you may have changed and compiled.


Usage is from a command prompt like this:
SucBatch.exe {input batchfile(.bin)directory} {input list filename} {output batchfile}

So to batch the files for a single .bat file you would do the following (for example to build the 01_house.bat):
SucBatch.exe bin 01_house.lst 01_house.bat

Most of the time it's easier to just batch build everything using:
SucBatch.exe {batchfiles (.bin) directory} {list files (.lst) directory}
like this:
SucBatch.exe bin .

The original .bat files will get backed up to *.bat.orig.

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