Tuesday 20 November 2012

Script source

Using the source code from the xbox game disc allows you to compile the scripts and generate the .bin files then rebuild those into the .bat files.
Unfortunately the .bat files that shipped with the PC version are from a later version of the source code.
Luckily most of the files are unchanged and out of 5,382 files only 156 were changed.
I've been working through these and so far have worked out the source changes to 19 of them but that still leaves 137!
I think completing these and making a patch to convert old source files to new ones will be a better option than trying to get the decompiler finished as without the comments and variable names the source is very hard to read and understand.

Some of the files have a lot of changes though which are going to take a while to complete but I've written some tools to show the analysis which is helping some.