Saturday 6 March 2021

Injecting XML into the Steam version

So using DCoTEHook I've managed to get the Steam version of the game loading in modified xml settings.

This means access to the debug menu, reach arm, picking start level etc for people who bought the game on Steam.

Hopefully this will also allow introducing the GOG fixes to fps that will fix the scripting issues.

At the moment I had to modify C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Cthulhu\install.vdf to point to the Hook instead of the main executable which whilst not ideal from a Vortex modding point of view will do for now.

EDIT: Thanks to advice from the Nexus Mods forum I've now worked out that you just need to set an env var of SteamAppId=22340 when launching the Steam exe to not have to change install.vdf. The updated 0.4 hook has now been uploaded and awaiting approval.

So next task is getting DCoTEHook to load patch files to patch the exe on startup.

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