Monday 29 March 2021

More modding progress

So a few things have moved on:

Shaders fix for A Dangerous Voyage

I've published the shaders fix for A Dangerous Voyage as a Vortex mod here to make it easier for everyone to apply.

Windowed mode

I've also got DCoTEHook now reading the <WinWindowed>0</WinWindowed> xml setting and hooking Direct3D so that the game now runs windowed if that is set to 1. This makes testing things in the game much easier!

You can either change the xml yourself or there will be a Vortex mod to do it for you.

This will be published soon in the next version of the DCoTEHook mod once I've wrapped some other things up.

Model extraction

I needed some help getting started with extracting the character models. I'd managed to work out roughly where they were in the games files so went to the experts over on XeNTaX Game Research Forum. User shakotay2 managed to show me a tool and an example model extract to get me heading in the right direction so hopefully I can make some progress now.

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