Friday 24 November 2017

That is not dead which can eternal lie

Despite good intentions real life stuff is always getting in the way and I keep having to stop working on this project. It's never good to see that the thing you wanted to help out with was from a comment two years ago...where the heck did that time go!!!

Due to renewed interest from the GOG release I'm picking this up again and trying to get all my tools and code uploaded at a minimum. Most of the tools binaries were up already and some of the source. The main omission was the decompiler as it could decompile the majority of code but anywhere that functions were called within if statements, for example, it didn't work.

There is interest in the textures and the possibility of a hires set and though that is a massive undertaking it's something I'd like to see. Looking back my previous tests suggested that it was possible using the tools I've written in that the larger textures would be loaded. However I realise that I didn't really check that they were properly rendered in a higher resolution. Something to check now.

The fixed shaders for the blue light bug is definitely something I want to add in to the patch to help people get those applied and stop having to use the workaround method.

So the plan is upload code, upload decompiler, document how to roundtrip the textures out and back in again, add shader fix to patch. But, and it is a big but, I'm not sure I have time to complete the compiler so it may be down to someone else to do that.

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